Friday, January 26, 2007

KH Test Sucks

Man!!!the kh test really sucks!!!!that stupid short MS Sung....She didn even tell us as there is a test...before that yunus also didn tell us..stupid sucking test..AHHHHHH!~~~!!!!~~~~!!!~~~!!!~~!!!~~!!!IT was so damn hard..but luckily i know some answers for some questions...but i think i won't pass it..looks like its my 1st time failing kh...sobzzzz...Haih~~~Nvm..Don talk abt those sad & suckingggggg things..erm happy things,think don have o..haih~~jz came back from tuition..i took the one of those mini vans home vf my bro..the fucking malay girls in the car was so damn noisy and smelly...and they cant shut their FUCKING mouth up!!!THen when i reach home,quickly turn da lousy com and then do some stuffs...i was so happy when i saw some food on the table cause im SOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry at that time..It was some was so so full after eating them..hardly can move..haha..its all for today~~

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