Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hmm...its been a very long time since i posted last time.. almost 2 months ler didn post..Lol..XD..sch start liao very long ler.. lol.. i hope won cut hair again gua.. i don wan bald during chinese new very embarrassed de la...zzzzZZZz..

anyway..class was great..but i didn get to sit vf my frens.. nvm..haha.. this year pmr ler..aih...need to everyone who is reading my blog all also need study hard ah..including my finally found the shop to write the name ler..after so many times walk around the town on friday.. it was like when me and my friends go to the shop to ask..

me:erm,whr can i find the shop to write the name??

shopkeeper:erm,i think its at street 2..


Then when we reach the street 2 shop,the shopkeeper told us that maybe jz now that street will have..WTF..then we go another shop nearby..they told us that got one shop at street 3..finally when we reach,it say can ler..i was so happy..xD

cause walk dao so tired around the town...damn those shops...zzZ..

Hehe....monday can give it to her lor..i hope she'll like it..aih~i really scare she won like it..if she don like then how le??anyone can tell me how??

k la..till here today..will be posting after 1 month..=D

buais all^^

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