Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zi Heng's party~~

WOW..~~this party was almost the greatest was so fun and i dunno how to say...jz one word for it.."GREAT!!!!"haha..we played games..blindedfolded musical chair and treasure hunts..but we didn get our prize..sobzz.sobzz..nvm long as it is fun and happy then can prize also nvm la..We had spaghetti,sausages,nuggets and pizzas for dinner..Zi Heng receive quite many presents..Guess what~~The wrapper and the card that celes gace zi heng is the same as the other girl's one..Luckily..the present inside is not the same..But also very ngam that they bought the same card and wrapper..haha..~~..I followed celes's car home..It was so fast..her driver drive like very slow and fast..medium la..Haha..I was soooo tired and wanted to rest..but when reached home,mom ask me to wash the car..soooo damn~~~~HATE.. haih...i need to do it also..its an order..lolx..haih~~i think tats all for me..

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